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Considering a Gift Caricature Commission for the unique person on your list?

We all know that one person that is so challenging to buy for,  the person who has everything, needs for nothing and is so hard to find a special, meaningful present for.

Why not Commission a custom caricature as your gift!  a cartoon likeness with a custom body and theme, with any number of personal details to make it a special keepsake. 


​A wedding caricature atop a giant cake! or how about a caricature of a couple battling zombies from a hot air balloon? no problem! 

A group caricature of your team at work, or one of the Boss! Definitely!

Gifts for Promotions, retirements or any special landmark event!

All ideas are welcome! the more challenging the better!

Custom caricatures using photographs make for great gifts!

commission your custom caricature NOW!

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